Tuesday, June 20, 2006
  my tshirts #1
In the first of an ongoing list of stupid angle shirt pics - here is the ruby red valleyschwag shirt orange frontage
  Watch equiv of a geek teeshirt
Sometimes the description is as much fun as the item. I've loved the word megalithic since first checking history books to see if they were as interesting and funny as Asterix books (they weren't). Seems like a fitting accompaniment to some geek related teeshirt.
* Pocket watch with chain * Scale replica of the major components of the 5,000 year-old megalithic monument * Analog watch on the reverse side of the watchcase * Includes: watch, chain, shadow casting gnomon, working compass and instructions

ThinkGeek :: Stonehenge Watch

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Saturday, June 17, 2006
  Tee Shirt Celeb Nonsense!!
It never fails to amaze me how people follow the beautiful people with such gusto. Searching the blogosphere for new shirts I'm wading through a sea of angelina and brad... Sad, but kinda funny.

"The T-shirt was made of a vintage-washed gray cotton and sported the words “The Pots & Pans Band.” The shirt costs $42 and was once found at stores like Bloomingdale’s and Fred Segal until the sell-out led to Internet shopping and direct phone orders." from Couture in the City - Celebrity Style - Fabulous Designers

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
  Hurrah for the Schwag

Not only did I receive my ValleySchwag package yesterday... I received TWO. Wow - this means I have matching his n hers http://www.rubyredlabs.com/ tee shirts for me and my good lady. Admittedly hers will look like a TENT but hey - that can work sometimes. Might be a good geek look for music festival season though. The shirts have the sweet orangey logo with 'fresh' written benieth. If my dorky camera wasn't so heavy on the batteries I'd have a pic up - but that'll have to wait while they charge.
Monday, May 22, 2006
  okay - my postman must have died
I have so much cool stuff that should be plopping through my door and I'm not even receiving my bills credit card statements and 'unique invitations' to start new credit cards. My postie died. It's the only answer. Either that or he stole my valleyschwag package, my amazon orders and all those other things I forgot about but which maxed out my egg card last month. Now he's in hiding - covered in stickers, listening to my tunes and reading my books while wearing some dorky tee shirt... Nah. I think he's just dead.
Maybe I should send a condolences card to the post office to remind them I exist...
Wednesday, May 17, 2006
  ipod covers - t-shirts for your walkman

I insist on calling these things walkmen simply because anything that lets music get into your ears that you can also carry around WAS a walkman for so long it seems sensible to stick with what you know. Similarly its not ciabata - its bread. Anyway, this is about the neatest walkman clothing that I've found.

Find them at Gelaskins.
Saturday, May 06, 2006
  sweet new masthead

well.. i think its kinda sweet anyway
  t-shirt it is!
Sometimes the mind is a strange thing. Roughly an hour ago I decided I had to know which was the most popular variation of tshirt, teeshirt, tee shirt, t-shirt etc... in use on the interweb. Likely due to reading Freakonomics with its strange name stats.

Google Battle :
tshirt : 290 vs t-shirt : 419 | tee shirt : 106 vs t-shirt : 280 | teeshirt : 135 vs t-shirt : 405, so t-shirt wins on a google battle hands down.

Straight google search:
Results 1 - 10 of about 11,100,000 for tshirt. (0.43 seconds)
Results 1 - 10 of about 174,000,000 for t-shirt [definition]. (0.12 seconds)
Results 1 - 10 of about 10,500,000 for "tee shirt" [definition]. (0.30 seconds)
Results 1 - 10 of about 441,000 for teeshirt. (0.27 seconds)

At this point I kinda messed around trying to find something that wasn't t-shirt with a decent score. 174 MILLION results for t-shirt. I'm amazed its that big a gap.
  Culturally speaking...
I often crave a simple game of super mario kart, or sonic, or even more recent dreamcast stuff like soul calibur. But as well as these top notchers, there are a stack of games that formed my gaming diet which you just can't find any more unless you still own the game and the platform and you were sensible enough to look after it all to the extent that it still works.

While nothing to do with a tee - resurrecting these old games by allowing them to be freely distributed and transfered to emulation on PCs and modern consoles seems a worthy affair to me. Like preserving any cultural masterpiece isn't it important that we ensure our grandkids can play BMX Simulator like we did on the Sinclair Spectrum?

Some good people are doing something about it - help 'em out. Sign the petition.
  Joyous Valley Schwag

OK. I succumbed. The lure of junk is just too great. The guys over at Valley Schwag really impressed with their spread of valley company loot on offer in a monthly bundle to include a shirt, pens, stickers and all manner of other branded junk. I love it. They also impressed with the quick turnaround on servicing us losers outwith the US. An extra 5 bucks doesn't seem a high price to pay for being in Europe. And they turned around the response in, from what I could tell, a matter of hours (if not minutes) when they saw the demand from Europe beat their expectations.

I'll document in finest detail the first (and no doubt subsequent) bags of bootie that make their way to my doorstep. Obviously I'll start with the tee shirts. At $20 a month this seems like an entertaining spend of the kind of money I'd lose on a bad film at the local Odeon.

Somehow logod tees are making me happy again - after years of thinking they were a little old. It started again with a shocking red Rackspace shirt with a handprint on the back. Thats my DIY shirt now. It brings on the DIY feelings better than my old jeans with grout on the knees. Oh the power of a good tshirt!
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
  Binary Mom

Mothers day mismatch between the US and UK mean that I always have a little panic at this time of year as my mailbox fills with mailers about tee shirts and other goodness aimed at the sons and daughters out there looking to gain a little love from their maternal one. I love the way they describe this tshirt from thinkgeek though:
Looser cut than a babydoll tee, this is considered a "classic cut". It's styled for women, but is not tight or fitted.
Another $10 Threadless.com sale. Woohoo. Eat up those designy shirts while they're cheap. Personally I feel the threadless line is becoming too samey because the same crack team of shirt selectors aren't venturing far enough from the old joy. That said they still crack out an excellent tee shirt from time to time, and why pay more! Like those blue cross sales at debenhams that happen every 10 days or so - I just don't understand why anyone would buy stuff when its NOT a blue cross sale. Like a Paul Smith suit. Why buy now - when if you wait til January you'll get 2 for the same money...
A focus on sweet tee shirts and useful tech gubbins. The majority of t-shirts can be found to buy - but thats not all we're about - sometimes its just 'doesn't that shirt look good' with no way to get your own. Unless your a maker. Of course.

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